Lembongan Intermediate Surf Lesson
September 15, 2017
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Beginner Introductionary

Beginner Introductionary


This course for absolute beginner who want to try or who hasn’t surfed for a long time and refresh the surf back again Which is learn the basic theory how to catch a waves, stand on the board and ride the waves stabilizing

This introductory course covers all the necessary theory about the basics of surfing, safety essentials, surf awareness, board characteristics, paddling and standing up

The Lembongan beginner surf lesson starts on the land for about 20-30 minutes learn the basic theory of surfing after that prepare the surf equipment and ready to jump on to the boat at the same times to the surf breaks and the boat stay close at the surfbreaks!

And in the water next to surf breaks the instructor with local knowledge experienced surfers demonstrates, coach and train your theory you learned on the land, the balance on the board in the water, board turning technic, the basic technic how to stand on board, to make sure more confidences before ready into the waves

Learn in the waves of Nusa Lembongan is the instructor stays with you in the water and give you instruction and position properly to catch the waves, helps by pushing your surfboard if necessary then gives you a short explanation about the wave you caught, improvements and give some tips and advise standing on a surfboard. For about 2 hours in the water.

After the course is finished jump back onto the boat and participate debriefing your lesson on boat on the way back to Newbro surf school


  • small local families and friends business share in Lembongan (grow local economies)
  • Small group trips
  • Fun, safe, quality equipment
  • Highly local knowledge experiences crew
  • We take surf photography, please ask at the newbro office
  • No partner with travel agency
  • No rush and spending more times
  • Balinese Local friendly atmosphere
  • Recommend by TripAdvisor


  • Sun cream
  • Camera
  • Sandals
  • Enough Rupiah cash
  • Smiles
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